Social media has taken over our lives because we want to post almost anything and everything that we do. We want to let others know what we are doing so bad like if we don’t let them know, then it would seem like it didn’t happen. Posting all the time on social media becomes even more worse when people post things which they shouldn’t necessarily post on social media. 

A great example is a picture this other couple posted on social media. The picture was actually posted by the wife and it was a picture of the wife and his husband after they just did some adult things. As you can see in the picture, the wife was still chilling on the bed but was a bit covered up for the picture and then the husband was standing up by the bed covered in a white towel. 

When the picture got taken, the husband had a certain look on him like he was caught by surprise when the picture got taken. It seems like he wasn’t expecting the picture to get taken at all hence the distorted look on his face. The way that guy looked made a lot of people believe that the guy didn’t want to get the picture taken as he maybe didn’t want to get caught red handed. However, some people in the comment section corrected those who thought that guy was maybe doing something that he shouldn’t be doing and, let them know that the two people are actually married to each other. 

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