Being in a relationship and getting into marriage is not a child play game. Some pronounced marriage as a beautiful thing which people enjoy together.

Unfortunately when one marries a person whom their priorities and what they like are different, that marriage faces so many problems just like for this lady who’s crying now.

A lady share a very heart breaking story about what is happening in her marriage and she feels tired.

A lady shared that her Husband Wants Service Every Time and unfortunately her Legs Hurt. She feels it is a burden to her since she Can’t even go To Work Without Him Asking For Two More service.

The main issue here is that this two people are too different and what they want seems to be different. This guy is warm blooded guy who always want some service since he’s blood are always boiling while it is way different to the lady.

Unfortunately she’s already in the marriage and it seems like the two have to talk about it and reach some common ground since they can’t continue like this.

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