When we say that the internet has everything, it& s because it REALLY has everything. Regardless of what each of you believe, this story is a little different but it comes with me, because this story is worth knowing. I am talking about the case of Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora, a teenager from Ecuador who claimed to have survived clinical death and during the 23 hours she was, she claimed to have taken a tour of hell, alongside souls torments, tortures, screams, besides the sight of two very famous people.

When Angelica Zambrano repented, with her mother, she participated in a 15- day prayer, seeking God' s attention. During these prayers, she came across a verse from Jeremiah: " Cry out to me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and hidden things that you do not know. " Angelica felt it was a sign and prayed even more. Behold, she had a vision of the angels and the Holy Spirit. One of these angels told her that she would die soon, but that she shouldn’t ' t be afraid, as she would return to Earth to spread the message about this experience.

No sooner said than done. If you are more curious about this case, you will certainly find it on the internet, but of course here we have the highlights of this story. According to Angelica, when you get to hell, there is no way back, because that would be the destiny for those who did not have a dignified life, with empathy and kindness. The damned wander in chains through the tunnel that leads to hell. The girl Angelica also says that there is really a hell of a heat there and that you can only hear the screams of the condemned and the laughter of the demons.

While walking through this horrible landscape, Angelica not only saw some of her loved ones and other souls asking for help, but also many celebrities. According to the girl, one of them was Michael Jackson! She heard from God that the singer went to hell after having sold his soul in exchange for fame. And it seemed the demons tortured him, forcing Michael to sing and dance every time anyone on earth heard a song of his.

But calm down, there' s more. Angelica says that Pope John Paul II is also in hell! It seems that he did not regret his terrible deeds during his life on earth, as he was a materialist and a liar, for accepting any money and criticizing the devotions to Maria. Before returning to life, Angelica also saw the final judgment. This girl says that her duty now is to transmit God' s message and convert the faithful, and for that, she doesn' t need to justify herself to people whether this is true or not. Of course there are people who think she' s crazy, that she' s lying and that she just wants to make money. But she claims to only do what is right! Do you think this really makes sense?

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