Robert Powell is an English actor best known for his roles as the title characters in the films Mahler and Jesus of Nazareth, as well as his portrayal of secret agent Richard Hannay in the film. The Thirty- Nine Steps and its associated television spinoff series. His portrayal of Jesus in the film Jesus of Nazareth seemed to have given him considerable publicity, as many people who believe in God have put his portraits in their homes, and he appeared to be getting tired of it because it appears that they are worshipping him rather than the genuine Jesus Christ.

5 days ago, he disclosed that many people in the United Kingdom have paintings of him in their homes and churches, something that appears to worry him a great deal because he has been reminding them that he is not Jesus Christ since the year the movie was filmed. During an interview with the social media platform " The ugly truth, " he stated that he just made the film for the money and not for people to love him.

For the past 37 years, I' ve been saying and repeating it to the entire world: " I am. " I am not Jesus Christ; rather, I am an actor and a British comedic actor. I' m sick of seeing my images in places of worship and in people' s homes, I' m sorry. Just finished a movie to make a living and get people to stop worshiping me instead of God. : ). Several people on Facebook expressed shock and disbelief after Robert Powell was elected because his resemblances to Jesus Christ' s paintings in Israel. However, some people took it as a joke, while others posed some serious questions, such as who is the real Jesus Christ.

I believe Robert is correct in his assertion that the complete truth about the real Jesus scenario will be revealed because, after all, each and every church contains images of him, including not only photographs but also a statue of him being crucified. As a result, I believe that his statement will have a profound impact on many individuals around the world.

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