A man took to Facebook to talk about what’s bothering him. He says he has to sacrifice his kids for him to maintain a certain lifestyle. This is his story ;

“I own clubs, shisanyama and taverns. I have a lot of money but to maintain this life every year a family member must die. I am what I am because of blood and I regret because this business does not have bad luck ad long ad beers are extremely cold, enough open space, good service, one will never go wrong,but i went about it the wrong way. “

“To come out of this situation I must get 9 cows and two family member blood then I can be free. I don’t have a problem with getting cows but family members? I have 4 kids with my wife and 3 with my girlfriends. One of my baby mamas does not want me to meet my child which means this is the first child I can sacrifice. I can’t sacrifice the remaining kids became I love them equally. I’m thinking of impregnating a random lady and after birth,before I can even bond with the child then I can kill him,then I’m free from this life of torture and hopefully my businesses remain the same. I am not proud of myself.” He said.

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