A young lady who had been unable to conceive for several years decided to do the unimaginable and disgusting in order to conceive. The Nigerian woman, only known as Adeabo, resorted to Twitter to share her ordeal. The young woman explains that she had been unable to conceive for some years and chose to consult a native doctor after a close friend suggested him to her. She was forced to have s3x with a dead guy at the mortuary for 6 months after consulting the native doctor to purify herself from the evil spirit that the spiritualist claimed was the reason of her barrenness.

Moreover, even after all of this, she was unable to conceive, and she became frustrated with her infertility. However, she was introduced to another herbalist, and after drinking some herbal concoctions for four months, she became pregnant. She wrote on social media about her traumatic experience:

I went to see a spiritual man, and he told me I had a family curse. He then asked me to have hot s3x with a dead guy since that&#39; s the only way I can conceive&#34; . After some consideration, I decided to give it a shot. I went to Ahero and hired a mortuary attendant who took care of everything. &#34; </p><p class=”text”>&#34; I followed the sorcerer&#39; s instructions. To be honest, it has been the most painful experience of my life. I surrendered everything to God&#39; s mercy. &#34; </p><p class=”text”>&#34; One of my neighbors advised me that I should seek for spiritual assistance of a herbalist who has helped a lot of people. He gave me his contact information. But, after the prior nightmare, I was initially apprehensive about taking any action.

I wasn&#39; t ready to go through another terrible matter so, I asked myself to try it one more time. &#34; I spoke with the spiritual man on phone, and he set up a meeting. For the next four months, he prescribed herbal medicine. My husband and I are currently the happiest couple on the planet. &#34; I don&#39; t know how I&#39; m going to pay this herbalist.

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