Best thing to do is stop all contact at once and block him. I have been scammed twice. These people are professionals and trust me you will end up losing. I lost my life’s savings, a lot of money out of my checking account and even believed in these 2 men to the point I let them talk me into getting loans so I could send them money.

They were going to pay these loans off before the first payment was due. These people are professionals. The best thing is I hope you haven’t given them any money,gift cards or any personal information. Block them and carry on with your life.

They will keep up the game as long as it takes to get everything you got. They have no conscious and don’t care about you or the mess they leave you in. Please let it go, move on before it’s too late. Take a fool’s advice. I am that fool. Good luck and God Bless.

Source: Quora

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