My name is Suzanne Abidjat. I was brought into the world in Douala on 18 July 1986, here I am 36 years old. I think the great Lord has failed to remember me, tragically, on the grounds that I commended my 36 years of life last month, am still without a spouse.

Unfortunately for me, I did not have the privilege to go to school so suppose I’m an uneducated, yet is this my unskilled status the issue? I don’t think so on the grounds that I have companions who are uneducated people like me are as yet hitched. I’m still with my uncle during this a great time, He was the person who brought me up since I was nearly nothing, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about my own folks. I’m with my younger sibling Samuel Abiyaté and Uncle Séverin Abiyaté.

My concern, for 1 year currently I’ve felt something for Samuel and that feeling doesn’t die, I truly love him. I don’t have the foggiest idea what’s befalling me, I really can’t feel anything for someone else, on the grounds that my sentiments are excessively exceptional for him.

I love his character, love his body, the manner in which he is. Samuel is as yet in school, he’s as yet an understudy, he must completion in perhaps two years. I’ve never set out to admit my affection to him, what I feel, realizing that it’s not beneficial. I get the inclination in his eyes that he cherishes me as well.

If it’s not too much trouble, petition God for me, I need to have a spouse who will cherish me for life as opposed to falling head over heels for my younger sibling Samuel. Indeed, what I need right presently is the dousing of this inclination in me.

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  1. My dear, try to find a man for yourself and stop admiring ur own blood brother. It’s a Tabul in Africa. U look adorable and i believed if you make yourself available to men outside ur comfortable zone, u will get a good result that will please your heart. STOP that Nonsense you have in ur mind about your brother. U will regrets it if you don’t change. Be guided.

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