Nowadays, our lives revolves around social media, we do things for the media and let the media decides what we do with our lives. This is the impact of the digital media and it sometimes negatively impact our society.

Photo: Twitter@Gugulethu

Trending on twitter on the last days of the year 2021, tweeps were sharing their beautiful snaps to summarise what how good, bad or exciting their year has been. However, things excalated really fast when Gugulami account shared some her photos doing hideous acts.

Some of the tweeps could not take this and called out for her family and friends to come to the rescue while others stood with her.

With today’s fast growing generation, what one can hope and pray for as a parent is that your child is making the right life decisions and good choices. Yes, parents can lead the child to the right path but they have to start with them as toddlers and only hope for the best because after that what they know is talk too much, they also know too much and much protected by their rights

Today’s generation is very impossible to discipline and the child’s behaviour can reflect badly on their parents. However, no one is born an angel and most of us are enslaved by the digital part of the world.

As much as we can run to the parents when their children starts doing what does not fit in the society as “normal”, we have to remember that she is doing what millions and billions of people are doing behind closed doors, even worse. The sooner we realise that this is actually the new norm, the better for all of us. The big questions are:

What has become of us as the new generation? What happened to being all about the good society? Where will our kids grow? Should we might our own business even if it affects our surroundings?

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