Manchester City come away from the Emirates with a controversial win, with Premier League officials and VAR taking the spotlight, once again. 

VAR came into the Premier League to guide referees into getting the right calls, but yet controversy is continuing to happen. Why? 

The answer is simple. The same people that were making poor calls in the first place are controlling the VAR and we are expecting things to change. 

VAR is just technology that provides us with video evidence on decisions that need looking at again. A technology that is controlled by humans, which people tend to forget. 

From drawing lines to not recommending the match referee to check the screen, the decisions are being made by humans. Yet we still see ‘get rid of VAR’ and ‘VAR doesn’t work’.

The officials are the only ones that can answer that question. Unfortunately, we never get answers. They move onto the next match like nothing has happened and it’s us as fans that are left fuming and cheated. 

There are no answers, there are no repercussions. What is supposed to be the best league in the the world is turning into a joke with the officials being the comedians. 

This has to stop. Rules need to change. Officials need to provide answers. We need to save our beautiful game. 

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